There are a variety of secure email providers that you can purchase, and the choice can be difficult. The best safeguarded email services offer a range of features that protect the privacy and security.

Among the better secure email services use end-to-end encryption to hold the emails privately owned. They also may add Tv-sender Policy Platform (SPF) authentication to ensure that the sender can only receive encrypted emails via trusted persons.

Proton Deliver is a Swiss-based email provider that uses end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge encryption to keep your emails safe from cyber-terrorist and agents. The service plan is built in the strong level of privacy laws of Switzerland, and it does not log data or store your own personal information.

Tutanota is a German email corporation that also offers end-to-end encryption. Its cooperation tools and ad-free assistance make this one of the best email providers intended for privacy-conscious users.

CounterMail is another German email company that targets on privacy and security. Its hosts don’t employ hard drives to maintain users’ info, and its security relies on OpenPGP with 4096 bits of encryption keys.

Hushmail is an email provider that has been around for over a decade, and it’s a most popular among HIPAA-compliant healthcare professionals. The company offers email encryption to healthcare providers and a variety of features designed to maintain patient healthiness data confidential.

Titan can be described as secure business email specialist that enables businesses to generate meaningful client relationships having a suite of advanced features. The enterprise-grade security keeps almost all accounts protected from attack and spam, while the advanced anti-spam dramatically decreases junk information.